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Love Story

Relive the feeling of your love story through sharing a special monumental moment in your life with your loved one.

In this 1 hour session, you and your beloved will be able to share both of your experiences of your chosen precious moment, where all time stood still.

The session will be done live via a video call and recorded as an additional keepsake. There will be a heart opening and grounding meditation facilitated before the sharing.


It is recommended to reserve this hour as a date night without distractions. Light candles or a fire and create an extra special memory.

The story will be captured live and you will be able to see the drawing come to life as you speak the memories.

The output will be digital or hand drawn as to the couples preference. It's great to display this piece on your wedding website, at the wedding, or at an anniversary party. And of course on your wall for a lifetime of reliving.

The Story of How We Met

Our Promise, Our Vows

Hugging by the Beach

Our Proposal Story

1 Hour Session

1 Hour Session

1 Hour Session

1 Hour Session

Coffee Date
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