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At Love Notes Love, we recognize the world needs more love, now more than ever.  

We believe that love truly is the greatest power there is on earth. It's a commitment

to sharing truth from your heart and standing for the expansiveness of infinite love.


Our mission is to enhance the power of your love – by activating the power of your words.

Through our visual keepsake, you can relive and cherish your love story every day.



Nikki Kurt is an artist who specializes in storytelling to connect people, energy, and words through her intuitive practice of healing as art.


As a Seer, she fully understands the importance and power of sharing truth from the heart to create deeper intimacy and love.


Through her creation process, she captures the energy of the moment, using simple visuals and hand lettering to distill heartfelt stories into handmade visual keepsakes.


As an avid seeker of truth, she is always looking for opportunities to expand consciousness through heart centered connection and infinite love.

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